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Tradesmart University Options Made Simple 101

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Tradesmart University Options Made Simple 101

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TradeSmart University – Options Made Simple 101


The Options Made Simple (OMS) series is designed to bridge the gap between our Foundations of Stocks and Options program and our more advanced options training classes such as Credit Spreads. OMS 101 is a beginner/intermediate program which focuses on the basics of how options really work. Covering subjects like option pricing, greeks, Option chains, Buying calls and buying puts, the use of weekly options, Managing time decay, and working with stops, OMS 101 is intended to help students gain an in-depth understanding of how options work, without a heavy emphasis on strategy.

Classes in 101

  • Intro – How Options Lower Risk, Increase Profit, and Make you a Better Trader

  • The Basic Building Blocks

  • Option Pricing

  • The Basic Strategy (Buying Calls & Puts)

  • Walking through a Trade

  • Closing the Trade

  • Time Decay: The Silent Capital Killer

  • Weekly Cash with Weekly Options

Option Made Simple 101 is the perfect options training program for both the beginning trader and the seasoned trader who wishes to know more about options. It starts with the basics and over the span of 8 lesson teaches everything a trader wants to know about getting started with options trading.

Students often ask how different the content of OMS 101 is as compared to our flagship Foundations of Stocks and Options – the answer: Options Made Simple 101 is a completely different presentation that then Foundations program. About 10-15% of the content overlaps in some way but the lessons are completely different, with different examples, different presentation, and what our students have said is an easier understanding.

Some of the highlights include the lesson on actually walking through a complete trade. The lesson on Options greeks where each component of the greeks is discussed in detail, and for sure the lesson on option time decay. Any one of these lessons would be worth the cost of the complete program, however of course we have included everything you need in all 8 lessons.

If you have been sitting on the sidelines frustrated about understanding options better, Options Made Simple is created for you.



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