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Trader Dante Edges For Ledges

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Trader Dante Edges For Ledges

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Trader Dante – Edges For Ledges


Tom Dante – Edges For Ledges

January Only.

Starting January 2017, Tom Dante is presenting a new and innovative service for serious traders.

Six days each week, you will receive a short, highly informative recording, to include:

– Monday’s Markets: A look at the best opportunities across the markets. I will guide you through the key areas to do business including entries, stops and targets.

– Tuesday’s Trades: I will record every single trade that takes place that day and provide a play by play look at them after hours.

– Wednesday’s Workshop: A discussion of profitable strategies that you can use in your own trading.

– Thursday’s Tips: Specific tips on best practices covering all aspects of trading.

– Fixed Income Friday: For Bund traders.

– Saturday’s Statistics: A close look at specific statistics for individual markets to assist you in your decision making.

The recordings will be around 10 to 15 minutes.

SIZE: 760 MB


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