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Smart Blogger The Writers Recipe Box

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Smart Blogger The Writers Recipe Box

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Smart Blogger – The Writer’s Recipe Box

Smart Blogger – The Writer’s Recipe Box


      Writers Recipe Box provides 12 foundational lessons together with 12 detailed “recipes” for different post types. Support is provided via a Facebook group and monthly workshops (one per recipe.) We give high-level critiques of a few student posts in the Facebook group and in the workshops but just a selection. Writers Recipe Box is probably best for people who are competent writers but want to raise their game by writing more effective posts using specific post types that are proven to be successful. Also, it’s great for people that want to network with other ambitious writers.   Here are the lessons for easy reference:   LESSON 01: HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT RECIPE Learn why you should match the recipe to the “occasion” and peek inside the recipe box. LESSON 02: THE BIG MISTAKE MANY ROOKIE COOKS MAKE Find out how to avoid this common mistake and learn the web’s most popular “cuisines.” LESSON 03: FINDING YOUR READERS’ FAVORITE FLAVORS Learn to uncover the secret “obsessions” that drive your readers’ interests online. LESSON 04: HOW TO CHOOSE A TASTY TOPIC Learn how to choose a topic your readers will love – and create a tantalizing headline. LESSON 05: HOW TO SOURCE THE FRESHEST INGREDIENTS Where does the content for your post come from? Find out here. LESSON 06: GIVING YOUR RECIPE AN ORIGINAL TWIST How to ensure your readers never think “I’ve seen it all before.” LESSON 07: GETTING READY TO COOK How to get everything in order before you start writing. LESSON 08: CREATING YOUR SCRUMPTIOUS STARTER Learn how to write an opening for your post that readers won’t be able to resist. LESSON 09: MAKING YOUR MOUTHWATERING MAIN Discover the tricks you’ll need to master for writing in the real world. LESSON 10: WHIPPING UP YOUR DELIGHTFUL DESSERT See how to end your post on a high with a closing people will remember.    



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