Pro Strategies For Trading Stocks Or Options Workshop

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Pro Strategies For Trading Stocks Or Options Workshop

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Pro Strategies for Trading Stocks or Options Workshop

  \'screenshot-biz-tutorial   Before you start trading without the proper education, please take our Pro Strategies & Mechanics workshop. In this course you will learn strategies and mechanics to trade stocks and options from trading professional Fausto Pugliese. We have divided the course into three sessions, one hour on stocks, one hour on options and one hour of question and answer Live with Fausto. At the end of the third day, you will acquire vital knowledge to use this invaluable trading platform like a professional. This introduction to CTU’s trading strategies using the thinkorswim execution system will include trading insights for the novice all the way to the experienced trader. This Course Features: Instructors With Over Two Decades of Combined Market Experience Utilization of a Top Rated Trading Platform for Profiting with Stocks & Options Analysis of Current & Future Trades with thinkorswim’s Unique Analyze Tab Learn How to Customize the thinkorswim Platform Read Level II View Fausto’s Trading Setup Lifetime Access to this Archive Course Syllabus: Lesson 1 – Options Trading Overview Lesson 2 – Stock Trading with Fausto Pugliese Lesson 3 – Questions & Answers Session Lesson 4 – Beginners Options Trading Lesson 5 – Advanced Options Trading  

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