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Options University Intensive Workshop Seminar 16 Dvds

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Options University Intensive Workshop Seminar 16 Dvds

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Options University – Intensive Workshop Seminar 16 DVDs

  \'screenshot-biz-tutorial     “For The First Time Ever (And Maybe the Last) You Have The Chance To Discover All The Insider Secrets Of These Trading Gurus Under One Roof – In Three Days Of The Most Exciting, Information-Packed Trading And Investing Workshop Ever Produced!” Featured Speaker #1: The ‘Experts’ Expert on Options — Larry McMillan of ‘McMillan on Options’ Featured Speaker #2: Tom Sosnoff – “Options Expert, Former Floor Trader, and Co-Founder of Think or Swim Featured Speaker #3: Price Headley – “Top 10” Stock Market Timer and Options Trader Featured Speaker #4: David “FirstWave” Elliott – Technical Analysis Wizard – Twice Voted World’s #1 Market Timer! Featured Speaker #5: Ron Ianieri – Professional Options Floor Trader, Market Maker And Expert Options Trainer! Featured Speaker #6: Bill Johnson – Charles Schwab’s “Expert For The Experts” Featured Speaker #7: Candlestick Trading Expert — Stephen W. Bigalow 16 DVDs with Varieties of speaker and various topics : RON IANIERI -THE HIDDEN IMPORTANCE OF THE GREEKS STEVE BIGALOW -HIGH POWERED CANDLESTICKS SIGNS STEVE BIGALOW -HIGH PERCENTAGE CANDLESTICKS PATTERNS PRICE HEADLY -FAVORITE TECHNICAL INDICATORS ASHRAF LAIDI -CURRENCY MARKETS, UNWINDING CARRY TRADES & THE FEDS LARRY MCMILLAN -USING VOLATILITY IN YOUR OPTION TRADING RON IANIERI -THE ART OF MORPH TOM SOSNOFF -USING NEW TECHNOLOGY IN TRADING OPTIONS BILL JOHNSON -USING VOLATILITY FOR PROFITABLE TRADING DAVID ELLIOT -FINDING THE MARKET MOVERS RON IANIERI -SIMPLE CHART, SIMPLE STRATEGIES TOM SOSNOFF -“THINK OR SWIM” PRESENTATION / DEMONSTRATION DAVID ELLIOT -BIG MOVE TRADE PATTERN RON IANIERI -“DYNAMIC HEDGING” THE ULTIMATE IN PORTFOLIO PROTECTION PRICE HEADLY -HOW TO TRADE TODAY’S VOLATILE MARKET BILL JOHNSON -“THE VOLCONE – A TRADERS TOOL TO FINDING VALUE”  

Options University – Intensive Workshop Seminar 16 DVDs Contents:  Videos

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