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Mike Shreeve No Pants Project Program

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Mike Shreeve No Pants Project Program

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Mike Shreeve – No Pants Project Program

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Welcome to the No Pants Project Program!

Turn the creative desires of your heart into a better than full-time income in 90 days or less! Tap into a rocksolid support group, a Rapid Success Coaching team, and get deep insights and strategies from Mike himself to catapult your freelance career now!

The 3-Step Plan To Full-Time



FREE TRAINING Reveals: The 3 Secrets To Building A Creative FREELANCE BUSINESS YOU LOVE..

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No B.S. Training Provides:



“How To Find Your Freelancer Superpower So You Can Stand Out In The Marketplace And Charge Top Dollar For Your Services (Starting NOW)…”


“How To Land Long Term, Consistent Client Work And Increase Your Fee WITHOUT Doing Any Marketing, Sales, Or Bidding For Jobs…”


“How To Generate Passive Income As A Freelancer So You Can Take Time Off Without Losing Money…”

Here’s What You’ll Get:

 Full Access To The Complete No Pants Project Program & Full Access To Our Rapid Success Coaching Team

 In Program Challenges including the “$1000 in 72 hours” client getting speed challenge.

 Freedomlancer’s Guide To Productivity for doubling your freelancing profits by cutting your work time in half!

 Exclusive No Pants Accountability Group share overflow jobs, access your Rapid Success Coaching team, get support from friends and colleagues on your journey to full time Freelancing!

 Email, Referral, Testimonial, and FB Ad Templates fill out simple templates to copy Mike’s success in generating referrals, testimonials, and running successful Facebook ads for your Client Getting Faucet!

 The No Pants Platinum Freelancer Certification set yourself apart from other freelancers with an impressive certification. Get a personalized video testimonial from Mike and join his inner circle to receive high-caliber job referrals.




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