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Michael Jones The Clickbank Code

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Michael Jones The Clickbank Code

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Michael Jones – The Clickbank Code

\'The \'headline1a\' \'headline4\' Is there any wonder there’s a big “mystique” around making money from Clickbank? All these crazy products make such a big deal out of it, you’d think getting your first commission check was like winning the Superbowl or something… But that’s okay. I’ll show you exactly how easy it can be. In reality, it’s really not hard to make money from Clickbank. I’m not joking when I say that. Like anything though, it’s almost impossible if you’re following the wrong advice… I mean, think about it. If you planned a big cross country trip and your roadmaps turned out to be wrong, chances are you wouldn’t reach your destination until you got a new map right? And that’s why I decided to give you a new map… After making almost $50k in my first 4 weeks, and realising how effective my techniques are compared to regular affiliates, I started to record everything I did. I made notes, I made screen capture videos – I even made flowcharts to get the whole process down as clearly as I could… Literally, the whole process, from picking a niche to choosing a product to getting hundreds of visitors from day one… And for a very limited time, I’m unleashing it on the public… Introducing: \'dvdcombo-med\' Quickly and easily generate a job-replacing income Build an autopilot business that generates fat commission checks day & night… Whip your current promotions into shape and quickly join the ranks of the six figure marketers…   To put it bluntly, this is it. Your hunt for something that takes you by the hand and guides you to financial independance is over… If you want:
  • A simple to follow guide to quickly and easily getting your online business into profit
  • To make more money this month than you ever have before
  • A lifestyle where you “work” whenever you feel like it and do it on your own terms…
Then The Clickbank Code is exactly what you’ve been looking for… You see, I’ve been making money online for a while. My top secret tactics and strategies have earned me millions of dollars… But I’d never used Clickbank before February 09… That means my techniques and system are fresh, and hyper-effective. I’m not going to be revealing tired techniques about loopholes and secret keyword tricks or any of that crap. These techniques have never been seen before on Clickbank, and that’s why they’re so effective… I’m talking about solid, repeatable methods that I used to bank almost $50k in my first 4 weeks using Clickbank. There’s no tricks or special software…just follow me, copy what I do in the videos, and you can make insane Clickbank commissions like I’m doing every day…

Don’t You Owe It To Yourself To Be The Boss For Once?

Think about it – in this tough economy, doesn’t it make sense to be in charge of your own fortunes? I’m betting you know at least one person who’s lost their job through this monster recession … maybe you even lost yours? And that’s the main thing here. I’m revealing all my secrets to help you take control of your life … The kind of secrets that mean you’ll never have to work for someone else ever again… Secrets like:
  • The top secret website you can use to generate a list of high profit products to promote- and automatically know which ones will make you the most cash
  • The six steps you must take to get ahead of 99% of other marketers…
  • How you can be making money in just a few moments of starting out…
  • The two things a product absolutely must have before you can even consider promoting it
  • Why long tail keywords will strangle your profits almost instantly…
  • I’ll hand you the exact spreadsheet I use to______ ______, then I’ll show you how to work out profit and loss before you even get started…
  • How to get access to the exact web templates I use for FREE
  • How to spend less than 2 hours putting together a website that gets you the highest possible Quality Score…
  • The 16 things your site needs to get max quality score … if you don’t have every single one, your site is doomed
  • How to create a landing page that actually increases the vendor’s page conversions …
  • Why you need to arrange your keywords in a certain way to get the lowest clicks …
  • What to do if you get slapped – if your ad prices suddenly go crazy, here’s how to fix it
And that really is just a drop in the ocean …  

Here’s a few tiny hints about what’s inside The Clickbank Code:

  • 5 hours of high quality video tuition…it’s as simple as watch me, repeat what I do, then watch the commissions flood your account
  • How to choose products that will stuff your account with cash – I’m not talking about just picking the same old high gravity crap that everyone else jumps on…I’m going to show you my simple mathematical formula for picking the highest converting product every time.
  • Where to get insane amounts of the most targeted traffic you could ever want…your visitors will be so profitable you’ll be laughing at the guys you’re up against…
  • How to use Adwords without losing your shirt…Adwords is so powerful that 99.9% of people are doing everything wrong – but you’ll be sucking in the traffic for next to nothing…
  • How you can throw together a landing page in an afternoon that will destroy the guys who have been at this for years … embarrassing for them, big paydays for you!
  • The secrets behind running a “set & forget” internet business that generates income while you sleep. And while you hang out with friends. And while you take exotic vacations…heck, it’ll keep on running whatever you’re doing!
Now that’s just a fraction of what’s inside…



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