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Joel Kaplan Bulletproof Agency

Joel Kaplan Bulletproof Agency

Joel Kaplan Bulletproof Agency

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What You'll Get In This 6-Week Program...
 Advanced Training On Handling Recession Objections From Prospects ($497 Value)
Crisis Management Training ($197 Value)
The Local Facebook Ad Strategies To Lower CPL So Clients Don't Leave For Lack of Results ($497 Value)
How to Handle Client Communication In Times of Crisis ($297 Value)
How to Effectively Change The Messaging On Your Client Acquisition Campaigns To Align With The Conversation Already Going On In The Public ($997 Value)
How To Add Downsells Into Your Sales Process to Combat The Decrease in Recurring Revenue ($597 Value)
How To Create Products That Clients and Prospects NEED ($997 Value)
The Retention Masterclass Bundle ($1997 Value)
PLUS...You'll Also Get:
Weird Offers My Agency Is Giving to Clients to Stay On ($597 Value)
 Plug-and-Play Google Review Campaign That Buys You Time While You Adopt Our LIfe-Preserver Processes and Systems ($297)
 List of Niches That Will Actually Grow and Require MORE Marketing During The Recession ($97 Value)


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