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Dirk Zeller Real Estate Agent Super Pack

Dirk Zeller Real Estate Agent Super Pack free download idownloadprogram

Dirk Zeller Real Estate Agent Super Pack

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Dirk Zeller – Real Estate Agent Super Pack


Dear Champion Agent,

After looking at the complete audio training library we’ve assembled over the last 8 years or so, it’s hard not to feel proud of what we’ve accomplished. It really amounts to the most comprehensive, systemized group of Real Estate Training products ever assembled.

My goal was not only to address the topics, but to give you time tested and proven tactics, scripts, dialogues, and tools. That way anyone can use these tools, whether you’re a brand-new Agent or an experienced Agent. Literally, any one of these programs can help you advance your career right out of the box.

I don’t want to take all the credit either. You’ve directly and indirectly helped me assemble the Complete Audio Training Library. You see, over the years I’ve been listening to your comments, suggestions, and input, and have set out to create a training library that helps cover all aspects of the Real Estate Sales Process.

“Any Agent Can Use These Tools… Right Out of the Box”

You can’t go wrong when you decide to invest in the Complete Audio Training Library.

Did you notice the trophy amongst the training products up above? That trophy signifies the achievement of your Real Estate Success. Your success still depends on you and the effort that you expend toward its attainment, but with the proper training to improve your skills, you can help ensure that you advance towards it.

Below you’ll see a quick summary of what you’ll receive in The Complete Audio Training Library

What you’ll receive in The Complete Training Library:

  • System 1: The Success Trioâ„¢ [$297 Value]

  • System 2: Team Masteryâ„¢ [$997 Value]

  • System 3: The Tough Times Survival Kitâ„¢ [$397 Value]

  • System 4: Objection Handling Masteryâ„¢ [$397 Value]

  • System 5: Foreclosure Masteryâ„¢ [$497 Value]

  • System 6: The REALTOR®‘s Ultimate Car Companionâ„¢ [$197 Value]

  • System 7: Mastering Powerful Scripts & Dialogues in a Changing Marketplaceâ„¢ [$147 Value]

  • System 8: The Secrets of the Mega-Producersâ„¢ [$147 Value]

  • System 9: The Champion Agent’s Guide to Tough Market Dominationâ„¢ [$397 Value]

  • System 10: Instant Listingsâ„¢ From Expireds [$297 Value]

  • System 11: The Champion Real Estate Agent’sâ„¢ Audio Series [$67 Value]

  • System 12: The REALTOR®‘s Ultimate Business Planning Kitâ„¢ [$247 Value]

  • System 13: Five Steps to Having Your Best Year Everâ„¢ [$57 Value]

  • System 14: The Real Estate Success Library [$97 Value]

  • System 15: The Complete Digital Libraryâ„¢ [$97 Value]

SIZE: 9,2 GB


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