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Dave Rogenmoser 6k Success Program

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Dave Rogenmoser 6k Success Program

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Dave Rogenmoser – 6K Success Program

“How to land your first 4 HIGH-ticket Digital Marketing Consulting clients”

Without Being Established Or Spending Hundreds Of Dollars.

    What You Will Learn On This Free Online Training:   Dave Rogenmoser Co-Founder & CEO, Market Results Best Selling Author  
  • \'dave-circle-pic\'How to land your very first 4 HIGH-ticket monthly recurring clients as a digital marketing consultant.
  • How ONE social media platform is responsible for 78% of my business.
  • The EXACT strategy I use to get business owners asking ME for help (on autopilot).
  • The #1 mistake almost EVERY digital marketer makes when pitching their services.
  • The one “Expert Positioning” strategy I used before I had any results or experience.
  • Learn how I signed 3 new clients and have 9 more waiting just THIS MONTH.



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