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Dan Sheridan Trading Weekly Options For Income 2016

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Dan Sheridan Trading Weekly Options For Income 2016

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Dan Sheridan – Trading Weekly Options for Income 2016


Learn to Trade Weeklys from a 30+ year Options Veteran!

In this class, Dan Sheridan shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages his Weekly Options positions.

Detailed Class Content

Class #1: With Dan

Topic: NFLX Double Diagonal

0- Introduction and information on the class

14:25- Whiteboard chalk talk on Double Diagonals and Iron Condor basics

40:30- Power point on Double Diagonals

81:30- Going over a live Double Diagonal Weekly Trade in my Brokerage platform

120:55- End of class (Class time 2 hours)

Class #2: With Dino Karahalios

Topic: Weekly SPX Iron Condors with Dino

0- Introduction with Dino and a discussion on his journey to become a Successful Options Trader

12:25- Guidelines Weekly Iron Condor with a risk management plan and several examples.

85:04- End of class (1 hour 25 minutes)

Class #3: With Dan

Topic: Weekly Butterflies

0 min- Intro, Today’s Class, Announcements

5:15- Review of live Class Trades

20:25- Today’s live Class Trade: SPX Weekly Butterfly and execution discussion

38:40- Whiteboard Chalk talk: Big Picture Plan for a $30,000 Portfolio of Option Trades

47:40- Weekly Butterflies in SPX and my live Butterfly Weekly Trade

52:25- Weekly Butterfly Guidelines

78:05- Discussion of June Chicago Options Seminar

80:01- End of class (1 hour 20 minutes)

Class #4: With Dan

Topic: Weekly Calendars (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Methodologies)

0 min- Introduction, todays class, and announcements

2:10- Whiteboard Chalk talk: Call Butterfly versus Put Butterfly versus Iron Butterfly

14:05- Todays Live Trade : Weekly Calendar and a discussion on execution

43- Q and A: How does a Calendar make money ( Beginner Question)

50:35- Whiteboard Chalk talk: Putting on different Butterflies based on SPX or RUT price levels

and my adjustment methodology for Weekly Butterflies

60:10- Guidelines for Weekly Calendars: Methodology # 1 for Beginners, Methodology #2 for Intermediate traders,

and Methodology #3 for advanced traders.

98:55-End of Class (1 hour 38 minutes)

Class #5: With Dan

Topic: Weekly Ratio Butterfly

0 min- Introduction, announcements, and what we will cover today

8:25-Whiteboard Chalk talk : Butterflies and Adjustments

25:25- Review Live Weekly Calendar Trade from previous class

34:35- Jay Bailey’s Average True Range Indicator for Weekly Calendar Trades

45- Live Trade for today: Weekly Ratio Butterfly in SPX (Discussed Execution process)

54:10- Guidelines Ratio Butterfly in SPX including Risk Management Plan and adjustments

70:53- End of Class (1 hour 10 minutes)

Class #6: Final Class with Dan

Topic: Class and Strategy Review + Student Q & A.

0 min- Introduction

47- Access to archived materials going forward?

1:55- Next Online Class?

2:13- Mentoring at Sheridan Mentoring?

2:43- Live June 2016 Chicago seminar.

4:25- Which Weekly strategy covered in class should I use OR Which is the best strategy?

5:22- How much capital should I trade each week?

5:55- How many Weekly strategies should I trade each week?

6:15- What yields should I expect when I trade these strategies?

8:20- How to build a good Weeklys foundation?

8:32- Ideal duration for weekly Trades?

9:04- How to diversify my price risk with Weekly Trades?

9:19- Should I adjust Weekly Trades?

10:07- How to get good execution on Weekly Trades?

11:16- Best vehicles to trade for Weekly Trades?

11:41- How to get good commissions on Weekly Trades?

14:17- Q & A, What to do with a Weekly Iron Condor when you hit the Max Loss before you even hit one of the short strikes of the Iron Condor?

16- Q & A, Which strategy is best for specific market conditions?

18:04- Q & A, Which 2 strategies are your go to Weekly Strategies?

18:39- Q & A, Would you still do Iron Condors if the implied volatility was low?

19:33- Q & A, Would I ever trade SPY or IWM for Weekly Strategies?

20:03- Q & A, Do the customers of this class qualify for some of the reduced rates Sheridan Mentoring students get with Brokers?

20:23- Q & A, Is there 1 strategy to stick with above all strategies?

21:38- Q & A, What should be the next logical progression for students who have taken this class?

22:28- Q & A, Do I get out of Iron Condors for the Maximum Loss even if the price of the underlying is within the profitable

area of the graph between the short strikes?

23:29- Q & A, How do I scale out of a trade when I have multiple contracts on?

24:50- Q & A, Did any of the 6 live trades put on during this class lose money?

26:53- Q & A, What is the “Sheridan Community” and what is Sheridan mentoring all about?

29:20- Review of Class Strategies with an example: Weekly Ratio Butterfly (from Class #5 on Friday April 1)

38:20- Review of Class Strategies with an example: Weekly Butterfly (from Class #3 on Wednesday March 23)

44:38- Review of Class Strategies with an example: Weekly Iron Condor (from Class #2 Friday March 18)

48:55- Review of Class Strategies with an example: Weekly Calendar (from Class #4 Wednesday March 30)

51:45- Q & A, How to adjust Weekly Iron Condors?

53:30- Q & A, Comments about the new Wednesday Weekly Expirations.

54:08- Q & A, How to adjust a Weekly Calendar?

58:05- Review of Class Strategies with an example: Double Diagonal in NFLX (from Class #1 Wednesday March 16)

64:35- Q & A, In a fast moving market do I sit tight with my trade or adjust?

65:25- Q & A, Comment about the Wednesday Weekly Expirations that have been recently introduced.

65:40- Q & A, Why did the NFLX Graph in the above Double Diagonal example look so bad?

66:32- Q & A, In above NFLX Double Diagonal example, how do I know I’m at a Max Loss?

67:30- Q & A, In above NFLX Double Diagonal example, how do I know when I have made my profit target?

69:09- Q & A, Do you have to do 1-on-1 training with Sheridan mentoring to join the Sheridan mentoring Community?

68:56- End (1:8:56)

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