Chris Groves Jason Harris Bing Ppc Breakthrough Formula

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Chris Groves Jason Harris Bing Ppc Breakthrough Formula

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Chris Groves & Jason Harris – Bing PPC Breakthrough Formula


Chris Groves & Jason Harris Present:

Bing PPC Breakthrough Formula

Learn how to setup profitable campaigns in Bing, Build Multi-Offer Sales Funnels, Setup Tracking, Build Massive Email Lists with Positive ROI.

Introducing Bing Breakthrough Formula

  • 100% Newbie Friendly
  • Full Bing Ads Platform Walk-through (Learn Things You Never Knew About Bing)
  • Advanced Strategies & Techniques
  • How to Properly Track & Scale Winning Keywords
  • Build a Massive Email List with Positive ROI on the Front-End.
  • Bonus Content with Chris & Jason
  • Resources & Offers We Personally Use in Bing
  • Copy Our Exact High Converting Funnel

Modules/Course Content:

    Module 1: Intro to Bing Learn the Basics of Bing (Great place for newbies to start and understand how Bing Works) Module 2: Bing Backoffice Overview Learn the Full Features & Tools within Bing + How they can benefit you when doing your keyword/competition research.    Module 3: Offer Setup & Tracking Chris walks you through an example offer plus how to setup your keyword tracking with Bing PPC. Module 4: Postback Pixel/Tracking Conversions Learn how to properly setup your Postback Pixels or Track Conversions on your Thank You Page or Funnel. Module 5: Basic Landing Page + Email Learn how to create a Basic Landing Page and setup your Email Autoresponder     Module 6 – Intro to Self Liquidating Funnels An introduction to the very funnel that allows us to generate hundreds of leads per day AND a positive ROI on the front end of your lead generation.. Essentially generating free leads AND extra income! Module 7 – Funnel Walkthough A complete walk through of the exact funnel we use along with the exact offers we use.     Module 8 – Choosing One Time Offers Discover various offers that we use to cover the cost of our traffic on the front end of our funnels. Module 9 – Keyword Research Learn the exact keywords we research and how we generate them. Module 10 – Putting It All Together Learn how we put it all together in a bing campaign along with the exact settings we use, keyword bids and match types. Module 11 – Tracking/Optimizing Your Campaigns Track your keywords and optimize your campaign for maximum leverage and profitability    Module 12 – Bonus Module – Scaling Scale your campaigns for that maximum amount of leads and profits.     Module 13 – Bonus Module – Emailing What to do and what not to do when emailing your list. Also 4 magic subject lines that get us massive open rates.


    Done For You CPA Campaign by Chris Groves 18 Minutes of a Done for You Campaign. Full example of landing page in a very lucrative high traffic niche. Understand the importance of multi-offer funnels and micro-commitment strategies.     Done For You Clickbank Campaign by Jason Harris Jason walks you through one of his very own profit producing Clickbank Campaigns. This is its own mini-course on its own packing a ton of value and information for those who want to crush Clickbank. Bing Advertising Coupons Learn how to get free Bing advertising coupons and give yourself a boost right out of the gate.  


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