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Alphashark Trade Earnings Using Measured Move

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Alphashark Trade Earnings Using Measured Move

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AlphaShark – Trade Earnings Using Measured Move


Trading Earnings Using Measured-Move Targets

Complete 8-hour Workshop/Bootcamp and DVD

Some of Keene’s favorite trade setups are for company earnings reports – these types of catalyst events offer tremendous opportunities for traders to place low risk, high reward trades using weekly options.

Keene uses the exact techniques he teaches in his best-selling course, Trading Earnings Using Measured-Move Targets, the same methods used by market makers on the exchange floor. He employs charting, technical and fundamental analysis, and the stock movement being implied by the option market. In the Earnings Workshop, Keene will take you through his HIMCRRBTT Trading Plan and explain:

  • How do market makers calculate the measured move target?

  • How to avoid buying too much implied volatility or premium before Earnings

  • How to get up to 600% returns in a matter of days

  • Why trade Weekly Options, not Serial (monthly) options

  • When to use a Call or Put Butterfly, Call or Put Spread, Straddle, Strangle, Iron Condor, or Butterfly

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