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Alex Nerney Lauren Mcmanus Pro Blogger Bundle

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Alex Nerney Lauren Mcmanus Pro Blogger Bundle

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Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus – Pro Blogger Bundle

The Ultimate Course Bundle (Our 4 Best-Selling Courses) on How to Start Your Blog and Make Six Figures or More Blogging from Home

Launch Your Blog Course
  The Solution to Successfully Build and Launch Your Blog with WordPress in 1 Month or Less, Without Knowing Any Code or Needing to be a Tech Wizard, Guaranteed!   \'Build   With this course, you will learn how to…
MASTER WORDPRESS Comprehensive WordPress training for non-techies. From starting a blog the right way to getting your posts set up to protecting your blog from hackers – it’s all covered! CREATE AMAZING CONTENT   How to produce incredible content with ease. Find your writers voice, what to blog about, and get step-by-step help on your first 10 blog posts COLLECT EMAILS EFFORTLESSLY   Email marketing and collection – the simple way. Collecting email doesn’t have to be spammy or weird. It can be super simple when it’s done right! DESIGN BEAUTIFUL IMAGES How to create amazing images that give your blog personality while also looking incredibly professional. NAVIGATE BLOGGING TOOLS We show you the step-by-step process for accessing and mastering some of the premier blogging tools for beginners CONQUER SOCIAL MEDIA Selecting the right social media for YOU, including steps on how to get started and set up the RIGHT way     Make Money Blogging for Beginners Course
  The Solution for Taking Your Blog From $0 to $1,000/Month with Free Traffic, Affiliate Marketing, and Other Awesomesauce Strategies!   \'Make   With this course, you will learn how to…
GET LOADS OF FREE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG Using techniques from Pinterest, Google, and YouTube, we will show you how to get thousands of visitors checking out your blog posts for FREE. CONVERT THAT TRAFFIC INTO ACTUAL DOLLARS   There are lots of people who get traffic to their blog and never make any money. This is because they usually don’t know how to get the right kind of visitor to their posts who are actually looking to buy. We will teach you how to get visitors who love spending money! BECOME AN AFFILIATE MARKETING NINJA   Much of this course is about mastering affiliate marketing in a way that has never been taught in any other course on the blogging market. You will learn how to sell thousands of other people’s products consistently and effectively without ever being shady or ruining your relationship with your audience. LEARN ABOUT ADS, SPONSORED POSTS, AND GUEST POSTS   How to use them, when to use them, and why to use them. BUILD A LIST OF EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS AN FANS   Part of building a successful blog is building a list of engaged subscribers and fans to send your new content and products to buy. We’ll show you how to do this the right way with little time or involvement.     Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Course
A Solution for Beginner Bloggers to Drive 10,000 – 100,000+ ORGANIC Monthly Visitors to Your Blog – on Autopilot!   \'Pinterest     With this course, you will learn how to…
SET UP YOUR PINTEREST PROFILE Set up your profile for success, including using search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your visibility in Pinterest search. Learn how to organize your boards, your pins, create beautiful board covers, and so much more! AUTOMATE TRAFFIC WITH PIN SCHEDULING   The thought of keeping up with constant posting on social media is a drag, right? Who has time for that? Scheduling out your content allows you to get continuous traffic while you’re sleeping, traveling, etc! DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOMIZED PINS   This is THE name of the game on Pinterest! The best and most beautiful content wins at the end of the day. Learn how to create show-stopping pins that represent your brand and have the best chance of getting viral traffic! COLLABORATE ON GROUP BOARDS   Driving any amount of traffic can be tough when you’re just starting out with no followers. The beautiful thing about Pinterest is that you don’t have to have tons of initial followers to start driving traffic to your blog. The ability to collaborate on group boards solves this problem! TRACK PROGRESS AND ANALYTICS   Learn awesome tools and metrics to track your progress and growth so you always know what’s working and what’s not! This will help you continue to improve your strategies and increase your blog traffic with Pinterest! USE PINTEREST FOR EMAIL COLLECTION   It’s hard enough getting people to visit your blog, let alone getting them to also sign up for your email list. Learn the strategies that we used to grow our email list like CRAZY by directly pinning our opt-ins on Pinterest!     Six-Figure Blogger Course
The Formula for Making Six Figures from your Blog with Digital Products and Services, Without Being Scammy or Spending Thousands on Over-Priced Courses!   \'Six-Figure   With this course, you will learn how to…
BUILD THE FOUNDATIONS AND FRAMEWORK FOR YOUR SIX-FIGURE BLOG You’ll see the insider framework of our multiple six-figure blogs, learn how to build better relationships with your audience, and discover the real way 99% of six-figure bloggers make their money. SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS VIA AFFILIATE MARKETING Did you know you can sell thousands of digital products and services without having to actually create your own? You will be able to find and discover incredible products to promote on your blog that your readers will LOVE you for recommending. CREATE DIGITAL PRODUCTS – IDEA FORMING AND PLANNING From forming the idea, to gathering research, and actual product creation, we break down everything for you. That way you know your product has the best chances of massive success. CREATE PROFITABLE EBOOKS FROM SCRATCH, STEP-BY-STEP The exact formula we have used to launch 5+ successful products in a step-by-step process. Everything from creating your products name to outlining your product and finalizing the design is covered for you in this section. CREATE PROFITABLE ECOURES FROM SCRATCH, STEP-BY-STEP The exact system we use to launch our courses (including this one) in another step-by-step, virtually impossible to mess up, format. CREATE HIGH-CONVERTING


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