The Mind Gate Process of Empowerment – DR Mitchell May


This book and Video(1 hour) will change your life by giving you the tools to harness the awesome power of the subconscious mind! This is not just some self-hypnosis book about how to improve your golf game or your sex life but is a practical, hard-hitting, no-nonsense process to tap into the power that creates the planets and solar systems. Every bad experience you have ever had has been the result of choices you made subconsciously, but were never aware of it or were rarely aware of it. Dr. Mitchell Mays guides you step-by-step into the control room of your subconscious mind and then hands you the keys to the most awesome reality-creating machine known to man-the law of attraction! The Mind Gate Process of Empowerment is a breakthrough in transformation technology. “Dr. Mays’ riveting stories illustrate how slipping into unwanted trance states can generate overwhelming and unwanted consequences. Through the simple, yet effective Mind Gate Process he invites the reader to awaken from the pervasive trance of anxiety, disempowerment and fear into a state of personal power, health, and abundance”. -Donna Hamilton, Ph.D., M.F.T., Co-founder New Vistas International “This is the kind of book you’ll want to give to all your friends and family-or anyone that you want to see break free from their limiting beliefs and expectations”. -Kari Boss, entrepreneur Learn the secrets that lie just beyond The Mind Gate.

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The Mind Gate Process of Empowerment – DR Mitchell May Contents: Video, Pdf

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