Taki Moore Million Dollar Coach Implementation Program


utomate your marketing. Sell with webinars. Leverage your coaching.

The Implementation Begins Here
Let’s make it happen together.
You’re on the verge of making big things happen for you and your business.
You’re about to enter a world where mindset matters a whole lot less than your MODEL.
And over the next ten weeks, you’ll IMPLEMENT the 9 key elements of your Million Dollar Plan.

worksheet in your secure members’ area.
They designed to RAPIDLY TRANSFORM your coaching business and get you to IMPLEMENT the seven-figure model as soon as you possibly can, with all the support we can give you along the way.
After all, nobody needs more INFORMATION. You need more IMPLEMENTATION.
Every two weeks, you’ll get access to live phone-in sessions with Taki. All training sessions are recorded and you’ll have access to them even if you can’t make them live.
Every day, you’ll have access to get your questions answered in the Million Dollar Coach Implementation Program Facebook group.
I want this to be a no-brainer for you, so here’s the deal:
Do the program, implement it, and if you don’t love it and it doesn’t work for you, just let me know at the end of 90 days and I’ll give you all your money back AND throw in $10 for a plate of tacos on me …
… ROI guaranteed.
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