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Jonathan Mizel & Tim Gross – Traffic Evolution 4.0



Are you a sucker for “traffic tricks?”

The kind that work like crazy for a month or two, and then overnight the traffic stops and you realize you fell for whatever “fad” was in vogue that month? Maybe the method gets banned, maybe it becomes cost prohibitive, or maybe it simply stops working.

Whatever the reason, your new-found income is gone, and you are back to square one in your business.

It’s all about sustainability

As a friend of Justin Brooke and, you already know there are consistent and reliable traffic sources like media buying, solos, pop-ups, banners, and other paid ads.

Justin is all about legitimate traffic sources and developing a long term strategy, and his killer services and training are helping smart marketers ramp up their sales. (He’s a cool guy to hang out with too, we had a chance to hook up with him in San Diego at the Traffic and Conversion Summit.)

So when he asked us to make you a special free trial offer on our Traffic Evolution Media Buying course (something we rarely do), we immediately said yes.

You see, over the past 20 years, my partner Tim and I created a methodology that’s not only universal (it works regardless of your business, product, or service), it’s also completely evergreen, meaning it will work for a very long time.

If you build your marketing funnel correctly, use the legitimate traffic sources we recommend, and target your market using the “Avatar Method,”  you can quite literally make magic happen.

And that’s what this letter is all about: Finding a great offer, adding targeted traffic, and using what almost seems like Voodoo to sell more products and services, generate more leads, and make more damn money;-)

Here’s Our “Short-Code” To Build A
Successful Online Business:

      • Identify your ideal target market and customer
      • Uncover their hidden pains, passions, and desires
      • Use specific language patterns that have power over them
      • Generate ads that compel them to take action
      • Construct or promote a “hard-to-copy” sales funnel that converts traffic and befuddles competitors
      • And finally, turn on the traffic fire hose!

That’s the formula, and if you are ready to step up and create a real, sustainable online business, we’re here to help you start playing what we call “the long game.”

Once you realize the difference it makes, the long game is the only way you’ll ever want to play;-)

With Traffic Evolution you’ll discover how to:

      • Use Paid Media Buys to get targeted traffic
      • Rent legitimate email lists for the most responsive traffic online
      • Build powerful sales funnels and landing pages that create desire, and weed out tire-kickers
      • Target ads demographically, by keyword, by Web site, and by topic
      • Use simple Facebook marketing tricks to create rabid buyers
      • Run banners on “remnant” networks for 75% off normal rates
      • Use PPV Marketing to “steal” traffic from your competitors
      • Monetize “Big Ass” keywords and high-traffic Web sites with scalability
      • Track traffic, opt-ins, and sales by source so you know which ad made which lead or sale.
      • Use affiliate programs and CPA networks to test ideas and product demand
      • Split-test
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